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All I Need Are Some Tasty Waves and a Cool Buzz

December 5, 2012

We spell ‘tomorrow‘ in Washington State as ‘Victory! over the Department of Justice, and the slow-witted folks at Homeland Security. For tomorrow, marijuana will be openly enjoyed here just like it has been at every Metallica concert since like 1954.

Yes the slow-witted folks at Homeland Security will fret — and you know they’re gonna posture — but in the end, they’ll be busy not speaking Pashto —  in Twilight’s Forks — which is nowhere near Yemen.

While the DOJ was busy looking the other way — The Bush did torture
And Obama’s Bradley Manning counts too

Marijuana! War crimes! War profiteering and Norm Dicks’ Boeing!…wah?
Duuude…come on…chillax…and all will be righteous.

Well shit, my stoner buds do make a relevant point.

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