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Try the Fish

November 18, 2012

When the Seattle Times isn’t grifting for the next Dino Rossi that comes along…its busy reporting to us about expensive fish.  For more on the expensive fish, see this article called: The extraordinary effort to save sockeye salmon.
For more on where $2 billion per week goes, see this article.
For more on where our moral compass points, look towards Spokane — and try this article.

So what have we learned about expensive fish?
Lets see, 20 years, hard work — check.
Fish are a little happier — check.
$40 million spent! In 20 years! — check.
Going on 12 years of endless war — check.
Wars can be pricey, but probably not as pricey as liberal fish — check.
The Pentagon spent more than $17 Billion on fuel in 2011 — check.
If I factor in about 11 more years on JUST fuel…plus this, that, and a few useless F-22’s,
and then multiply the Homeland Security budget with Petraeus’ Dockers fund…add the torture,
subtract the death, extrapolate for Lockheed, ignore Israel and divide by Iran…
then all that I’m left with is $9,000 dollars per fish for 20 years?
Hey! These fascist swimming fish are murdering our future!

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