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I Unlocked the Superstar Lesser of the Greater Same Badge!

November 7, 2012

The Never-Ending Wars Never Ended

Yesterday I voted for the worst candidate for all the right reasons.  On that day — yesterday —  I also voted for the the best candidate for all of the wrong reasons. Then, for no known real reason known to myself, I also voted for the lesser of the worst candidate, because the greater of the better candidate was scarier to me than the lesser of the even worser other candidates.

If only there had been a candidate who was simultaneously better than the lesser, while worser than the greater, I’d probably feel better about voting for the lesser of the greater same.

I think it was Martin Short who once said, ‘bad stuff occurs in fives — so it’s good that we can’t get past the first two’s’.

No — actually that was me.

The lesser of the greater same…it’s not quite badder than the worst case scenario, but it’s certainly worser than pondering where all the money went.

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