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Some Days

October 23, 2012

Fear Art

Some days…

I don’t know why Vietghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, or Iran…wouldn’t want our brand of morality shoved down their throats via nanny Petraeus?  The ‘Fantasy Slut League’ in Piedmont, California seems to be quite the mind-numbing success!

I don’t know why the debates never mention how good we are at killing brown-skinned kids via Petraeus, but I thought for sure they might this time…mention al Qanada?

I mean, come on! Boeing’s got a new missile to sell to Homeland Security, the DoD and Petraeus?  Why aren’t the ungrateful school districts and cash strapped cities, counties and Homeland police states… discussing where all the money is actually spent?

I also don’t understand at during times like these…when our wars are ongoing while never-ending…how it is that Spokane can afford a few thousand dollars for the arts?  Art?  I don’t think I’m alone ‘in thinking’…that I don’t want any of Boeing’s missile profits wasted on art.

I don’t – I this – I that – ‘I think’ – therefore iAppleWhatsitAm.

some days it pays to
some days it’s also good to have big hands

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