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The McKenna Asotin Tapes

October 10, 2012

As if all 17 of  ‘Warshington’ State’s free-thinking humans weren’t already ignoring the Boeing and Bank of America presidential candidates…now they’ve got to redouble their efforts to ignore ‘Warshington’ State’s GOP candidate — for having taken over where Dino Rossi lost repeatedly.

Why? It’s not because Rob’s a great “Kangnam” Styler, it’s because as all 17 of those party-free thinkers in ‘Warshington’ State know…Jay Inslee won’t admit to why not voting with Rep. Norm Dicks just
isn’t enough. 

You could ask Norm about any of this, but you’d only get no response back…in the form of the Border Patrol’s Fiefdom in Port Angeles.

It’s like wars are as free as our misspelled phreedums.

I’m not sure who to vote for in this pretend election cycle, but at Vigilant press time, it’s a tossup between writing in Tim Eyman — or Clint Didier.  Why?  Why the fuck not.

Now sit back and enjoy the GOP candidate for ‘Warshington’ State’s Governor, as he “Kangnam’s” his way to more news-like coverage.

But do be careful if you’re a gay Teabanger Party member anywhere near Asotin County…Rob’s not wearing any protection. Which leads us to the irony in all of this — that will be lost on most of us.

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