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Stream of Semi-Conscientiousness

October 2, 2012

Despicable Me

Here in the free world — most of our days are spent fearing imaginary enemies — while our neighbors and Bank of America rob from us until we find ourselves blind.

Here in the free world — we know that strong unions will eventually lead us to the slippery slope — that will always slide us down into the deepest pits of Marxist tomfoolery…affordable dental care and something called a retirement? Some say at the bottom of this pit of 8 hour work days and paid vacations — lies the mattress of Socialist handouts…where the bedding and blankets are as free as the condoms and lunch.

streams of consciousness are cool — but being semi-conscientious is where we’re at

Of course, and as if by chance — some unexpected strong union-free labor were to ever adversely affect our Sunday, or God forbid Monday evening football…Yemen and Michoacán will have to pay.

streams of consciousness are cool — but being semi-conscientious is where we’re at

Our known free world is called the Homeland — where the Border Patrol stays ‘vigilant‘ against our freedoms — while your neighbor and Bank of America…rob you in broad daylight until you’re blind.

After eleven years of war for Boeing and whatever Blackwater-Xe is now called, at least a few hipster youth have noticed that something isn’t quite right.  Sure tribal ramen noodle tattoos are awesome!

streams of consciousness are coolbut voting for Boeing and Blackwater/Xe — gives the alt writer something to say

here in the free world — telling us what we already know is a crime
ramen tattoos and streams of consciousness are highly sought after
private prisons can’t be filled without your help

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