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Serendipity is Easy

September 21, 2012


Charter schools teach us that the profit from Obama’s never-ending Bush wars — are not quite as wholesome as the profits made during Bush’s Obama-like wars.  Yet many remain confident, that Bush’s policies were horrific — while Obama’s are Dr. King-like.

That sure is a pleasing surprise!

There’s apartheid in Palestine — there’s apartheid in L.A. — I’m not certain that Dr. King would be surprised, but I’m sure there’s a Whole Foods near you.

Cops are no longer drunken retards with emotional issues, they’re just more special than us.

Que supresa!?

It’s difficult for us to tell the difference between the conservative wars against the uterus, from the liberal wars against everything else.  This is why we have the media.
I wish you a surprising good fucking luck with that.

Searching for surprising things that accidentally please us is easy.
Dealing with reality, isn’t as pleasing as pretending to stumble upon a desirable surprise.
This is why there are journalism schools…
Guantanamo is still open?
Well gosh I’m a little surprised by that.

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