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Little Despots

September 13, 2012

President Obama has his hands full with blowback today — but the winds of change don’t blow from within, they suck from without.

Evidently, we’re the only humans on the planet that will take almost anything lying down — and then thank Dow for the Monsanto’d corn — while we’re prone on the ground.

‘Prone’ and useless: “thank you liberal Norm Dicks! May I have another!”…

As Obama threatens Egypt with what we did to Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Vietghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico…Syria, Somalia, Guatamala, Chile, Detroit, Oklahoma, Port Angeles…Palestine, your foreclosed house, the Columbia River, wind farms, Cuba…the Lakota, Puget Sound life, education, health care, VHS, Dan Rather, Steven Hatfill, school lunches, Kurt Cobain, trees, wolves, Arsenio Hall and the Inland Northwest…it will come as no surprise to everyone but us — that Lockheed Martin and Boeing — see very little difference between “their despots” — from the ones in Congress, the White House…or us.

A smart man should have once said: “Our corporate despots are made out of ticky-tacky.  It’s she who brings that to our attention, that will save us from our inability to correctly spell Wensday.”

Little despots all the same.

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