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Go Ahead Punk…Talk About My Empty Chair

September 1, 2012

What we need is a Baird Surge II

I like to waste time as much as the next Patriot Acted time waster, but I draw the line at watching old white guys stroking out with an empty chair.  I didn’t watch W stroke out either, but I had company, because the Democrats were against wars for profit and torture then.

In a perfect world, the Border Patrol would have been at the RNC to arrest many of the terrorists who gathered on stage there.  Since we’re still living in a George W. world of empty chair watchers…the Border Patrol are too busy driving around in circles in Forks, Washington, looking for those who speak Spanish, instead of those who resemble Karl Rove.

Empty chairs get people talking.

The Homeland approved airwaves are still a Twitter with tales of #Eastwooding. Those same Homeland approved airways are not a Twitter with tales of The Condoleezza Wars.

Talking about stroking out with an empty chair can be fun, but no one will ever be prosecuted for America’s love of torturing POW’s to death…by talking about empty chairs.

But as per usual…that’s pretty much the point.

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