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3rd and Sandusky

July 25, 2012

President Obama is preparing to take away our guns. All of them. Again. Just like Clinton did not too long after President Reagan shit himself. Again.

Why? Because many of you are beginning to fear your neighbor – again…and fearing your neighbor – again…doesn’t exactly keep you fearing Islam, the Spanish speakers, or black men from Hawaii. Still…and or again. 

You must remember the color coded fake terrorist alerts! Though you probably shouldn’t remember the Army Anthrax Attacks.

Iran’s missiles are as capable of reaching Kansas
As our missiles are capable of funding
Non-Monsanto infused
Public school lunches

Since the Pentagon requires trillions of dollars to fund the wars they never win, it makes sense that we should expand the drug wars into Africa.

See all the success in the Homeland for more, but do be careful on the deteriorating road that you drive on…for less

If Mitt Romney and his magic Mormon long panties can be President, then a black man from Hawaii should probably bother you less.

See hungry kids in school for more.

For even more of the less, don’t protest the obvious, because the obvious might kill you.

It’s 3rd down and Sandusky in the Homeland
Do we punt – or do we go for first
And more Sandusky?

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