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Pocket Quarter Symmetry

July 21, 2012

A quarter in the pocket in 1982, was like having a smart-assed phone in the pocket of today.

If you were good enough, that quarter could buy you an hours worth of Asteroids on many a 7-11 owned…corporate-like corner. If you were bad enough, that quarter bought you a long payphone call home, from many a county owned…corporate-like juvenile hall.

If my pocket held a quarter today, it would probably only be worth about 7 and a half cents. Had I not used so many quarters for those long juvenile payphone calls home, I might have spent more time in a fake history class.

A quarter in my pocket in 1988, bought far less beer at the Bulldog Tavern, than a young and dumb man could think. Since Metallica was on the jukebox there, that beer-less quarter was able to help that young and dumb man…more than he could think.

Gonzaga is a nice Roman Catholic university. It’s located just down the street from that jukebox in the tavern. Where that young and dumb man stood. With his pocket and a quarter.

Funny those nice Roman Catholic girls of Gonzaga. They liked Metallica too, but spending that quarter on Mellencamp, got that young and dumb man educated further faster…than many of that young and dumb man’s friends thought to think.

If my Bulldog Tavern quarter of 1988 – could have somehow talked with my Asteroids quarter from 1982 – then maybe my useless quarter of 2012 – wouldn’t have forgotten about all of those not-so-dumb lessons…those old quarters taught.

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