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July 19, 2012

Patriot Acted for years, you take a walk in the middle of a place…where you can’t drive to a Walmart within 30 minutes.

Patriot Acted and confused while walking – in the middle of nowhere near a Walmart – you see a keypad jutting forth from the sands that lie nowhere near any of those jobs at Walmart.  You punch in 8675309…because you’re a sad patriot, who remembers the 80’s for what they really were not.

Actually, it’s not.

Punching in numbers on a mysterious keypad that rises from the sands…that lie nowhere near those jobs at Walmart — you aren’t thinking about any of the never-ending wars, but you are feeling bad for Fred Willard.

Feeling bad for Fred Willard while punching in meaningless numbers from the 80’s on a mysterious keypad in the sand…doesn’t save Lockheed Martin’s war profiteering jobs, but it does remind Fox News of
Pee Wee Herman.

Fox News remembering Pee Wee Herman, reminds us of how important it is to vote for one team or the other.  We know that the two teams are totally different, because there’s a mysterious keypad…rising from the sands that lie nowhere near any of the jobs at Walmart.

I’m no magician, and I’m certainly not a mathematician, but I do know this much
Reagan’s cheese is people.

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