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The Constant State Of

July 17, 2012

Many a Washington conservative knows – that you can’t toss an empty Budweiser can anywhere near Seattle, without hitting a shade-grown hippie of the liberal nanny state.  These Godless while liberal fornicators are overdecorated with expensive tribal tattoos – and they’re fond of condom usage and clean needles. 

They force their liberal agenda of healthy foodstuffs and filled Spokane potholes upon us, while simultaneously attempting to give equal opportunities to everyone in ridiculous misadventures like education, birth control, and jobs…that pay more than 22 bucks an hour!  Don’t even mention the liberal and its support of the Spanish-speaking terrorist interlopers…and their free healthscare that comes at our war-tax dollar expense!

Many a Washington liberal knows – that you can’t pick up an empty Budweiser can anywhere east of Bellevue, or anywhere south of Edgar Martinez Drive…and try to recycle it, without forcing a sun-burned conservative to weep for the loss of the Hank Williams Jr. intro song on Monday Night Football.  These God-fearing fornicators are overdecorated with barbed wire and belching eagle tattoos – and they’ve never met a condom or a clean needle that they knew they should use.

They force their conservative agenda of super-sized foodstuffs and unfilled Spokane potholes upon us, while simultaneously attempting to keep most people away from equal opportunities like faith-based education, condoms, and jobs that pay less than 10 bucks an hour!  Don’t even mention the conservative and its support of every Bush-like war on brown-skinned humans, Bradley Manning and Main Street – that Obama is still waging quite nicely – that also comes at building any new Chihuly glass watching opportunities expense!

CNN isn’t Fox News, yet CNN is pushing for Iranian war.
Whose Fox News?
Our Fox News!

Good jobs would help ease our conflicted minds.
Yet most good jobs come with a war
or a nuclear wasteland attached.

The constant state of
it’s constant
and it’s constantly of

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