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Shorter Sentences Could Lead to Anarchy

July 7, 2012


Good journalism can be like a short sentence.  Both could lead to anarchy…but only one of them has a sales and marketing team.

See how much you know about Saudi Arabia for more.
See how much you know about where you live for less.

CNN is not Fox – Fox is more like CNN.

See CNN’s drone death numbers for more
See Jimmy Carter for more or less.

We need clean coal to make energy for China, because trillions of the Homeland’s flat surfaces can’t be trusted…to hold a socialist-powered panel for the sun.

See Judith Miller for information on Iraq
See Chris Hedges for information on fighting back.

In the great Inland Pacific Northwest, Obama’s drones are now written about openly.  It’s when you then have to explain why you wrote about them…that drives the sales and marketing departments nuts.

If the depth of our historical knowledge could be sold, then my Teabangin’ cousins would buy and drink – just as many six packs of empire – as my Forward and Hope-filled while drunken…liberal war-supporting friends.

See the hero Chief Joseph for more
See Chuck Norris for far, farfar, faarrrr less.

If “they” were planning on taking away your guns…then “they” wouldn’t have invented the iPhone.

See shorter sentences and the anarchy for more
See we the Patriot Acted children of Monsanto’s corn…for less.

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  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk permalink
    July 7, 2012 11:52

    “Shorter Sentences Could Lead to Anarchy”

    Yes!!!! And OMG!!! What could HAIKU lead to!!!??? I SHUDDER to think about it!!!!!!


    • July 7, 2012 12:02

      If haiku were like Kim Kardashian’s cleavage…we can only imagine.

      If the war on Islam and We the Patriot Acted – for oil and empire expansion – were fought against cancer, GMO foodstuffs and dirty water, instead of… well, you know…

      Thanks Tenzing


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