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And Mermaids Aren’t Real

July 5, 2012

Remember, remember the 5th of July!
Or don’t.
It doesn’t really matter.

If you find yourself reading this with all of your fingers, toes, and ears intact…congratulations!  You’ve survived another Homelandian Holiday!

In related news, way too many employed white guys in Virgina, Maryland, the Seattle Fusion Center, and a couple of safe houses in the Balkans…are also reading this.

Why?  It’s not so much about my over-inflated sense of self-important readership issues.  It’s more about my use of the words JPRA West, Fukushima and my never-ending misplacement, of, commas.

I guess no one ever said that Grammar Nazis lived near reality.  Although, reality is rumored to look a lot like Spring Street and 3rd.

Fukushima!  Still spewing!  Employed white guys, still reading!  And now, thanks to a parliamentary panel, Amnesty International, Poynter and NOAA – we know that everything ever written here, about almost anything…makes reality much worse than even George Carlin thought it was.

See Spring Street and 3rd in Seattle for more.

Yes Fukushima was man-made.  Sure Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright and Guantanamo are to feminism…as Andrew Dice Clay was to his personal usage of a Ms. Magazine.

Obviously it’s possible that I’m being too harsh on us.  But when judging by what most of us think happened, or didn’t happen with the pretend Death Panels…the fact that NOAA felt the need to let us know that mermaids have never, I repeat – NEVER actually existed, pretty much sealed the deal for me.  We’re screwn.

Remember, remember the 5th of July!
Or don’t.
It doesn’t really matter.

There’s blood in the streets…

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