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Health is Scary, Canada Braces for War

June 28, 2012

If it’s not gay humans wanting to marry…then it’s progressive gifts to insurance companies – passed off as victory!
Because the Afghan surge worked.

Be Vigilant Canada
Or you’ll soon run out of room

Such a mess the Homeland is.  But as they like to say in the Gamma Quadrant: “What in the mekkin turg does Ralph Nader have to do?”  

Indeed, my far superior friends…indeed.

Space is the place where intelligent life goes to sleep with a coherent idea.  Canada is the place where Homelandians go – when either a Teabagger starts illegal wars…or a Nobel Peace Prize winner does too.  Toss in a gift to corporate health insurers and bam!  No one remembers Guantanamo.

Be Vigilant Canada
Or you’ll soon run out of room

If you check recent history, you’ll find that some semi-awake humans dared to compare CNN News with that of Fox News.  The wars are all still killing and profiting, but a gift for corporate health has now made CNN the enemy.   Iraq, Judith Miller, and Lockheed Martin – thank you for playing along.

The Gamma Quadrant asks about Ralph Nader
Canada’s going to run out of room .

As the sea ice keeps melting, JPMorgan and the Pentagon
are allowed to lose billions.

ExxonMobil says don’t worry, we’ll adapt.  But it will cost you.

Healthscare was scary – good thing liquor is healthier
than marijuana.

Be Vigilant Canada
For The Patriot Acted require
lots of guns to go with…
their cheese-covered Socialism.

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