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If Impotent Oysters Could Swim

June 23, 2012

Being impotent near Willapa Bay…means that you probably drank too much in Pe Ell, Washington, and then somehow managed to drive yourself to South Bend.

More than likely though…you’re an oyster.  An oyster who hasn’t been able to reproduce with itself and or a friend, since about 2005.  Again, Pe Ell comes to mind, but that’s a story that should be told by Johnny Depp – with Tim Burton tugging on the strings.

Many of us know as much about oysters, as we know about Monsanto’s Agent Orange.  We don’t find impotent oysters or Agent Orange very important – this helps to keep us in line.

Think endless war profits for more…or ponder Saudi Arabia for less.

A well-funded education in the Homeland is dependent on several important – misconceptions of things.  Skin color, geopolitical grifting and God – being the most potent of things.

If impotent oysters could swim – we’d know that evolution was real.
Which brings me back to Pe Ell.
Educated in the Homeland –
on the half shell.

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