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Mormon Vampires and Islam-like Spanish Speakers

May 28, 2012

The never before publicly asked question: Where are the Mormon vampires and Islam-like Spanish speakers who hate your freedoms (and garlic) located?  Homeland Security’s answer: Forks, Washington.  Population about 17.

The national attention on Forks, Washington and their Border Patrol keepers, comes to you via the New York Times.  Thank Saint Cristóbal Magallanes Jara, that Judith Miller didn’t write the article…or who knows what war for Boeing we’d still be fighting?

Like most incredibly stupid and Constitutional fucking news of the Homeland, by the time said news ends up somewhere like the New York Times…the damage has long already been done.

See Port Angeles and the Spanish Speaker prison in Tacoma for more.

Salal is a plant picked almost exclusively by humans who speak Spanish.  Marijuana is also a plant.  One plant is deemed illegal, the other plant deemed illegal to be picked by white people.

I’ll let you and the GEO Group do that math.

Mormon vampires are as real as Sarah Palin’s party think they are.  The Islam-like Spanish Speakers, are as real as the Border Patrol and their kamillions of wasted public schoolin’ money, say they ‘are too is are is also?’  And or stuff.

The Olympic Peninsula checkpoints for brown-skinned humans are now gone.  The bus boarding and checking for brown-skinned humans have also ended.  For now.  Bush has not yet been put on trial for his Texas-Khmer Rouge regime days, and for as long as a Democrat holds the White House, forward-looking is the theme of our ways.

Why we don’t remember that the child killing drones of Bush & Obama, fly on the poisoned air of Fukushima…are the very same reasons that Spokane can’t pronounce JPRA West.

See Judith Miller’s Cyberdyne Systems and Forks’ Skynet – for less.

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