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For the Better Served

May 26, 2012

When remembering our friends and loved ones killed in the wars for Lockheed, Halliburton and the private prison industry…it helps to recall why Clinton ‘took away‘ your guns.  It doesn’t help to remember that the FBI was already well-aware of the Saudi pilots with box cutters, well-before September of 2001.

For those of you who were able to decipher the consequences of the above word salad – congratulations.  You’re doing far better intellectually than most of whatever is hidden in Liz Cheney’s underwear drawer.

For those of you who’re still reading – while using Bank of America to house their $212 dollar checking accounts, there really is no hope.  Just keep scanning Craigslist for that twice in a lifetime job…it’ll happen.

For the rest of We the Patriot Acted who still remember the never-ending, forever war profiteering, I wish you better times, and a freezer full of meat that may, or may not kill you, before the billionaires finish raiding
your Social Security.

For the humans who believe President Obama is a Socialist-Marxist with Fascist socks – while not white…Liz Cheney’s underwear drawer does laugh at your BofA checking account.

For the humans still living down-stream from Hanford, do try to swim less this summer.  For the rest of us living down-planet from Fukushima…go ahead and swim.  It no longer probably matters.

For the keepers of the 19,000 nuclear weapons of the world, could you not have served us better by working at Taco Bell?  There’s a couple of thousand nukes at Bangor, while Bremerton, Seattle and North Bend could use a few thousand Taco Bells.

For the better served.

There’s nothing I could say
that I haven’t thought before

– Kurt Cobain

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