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Ignoring Raffi Gave us Reagan’s Cheese

May 23, 2012

Most everything here at the Lens is about the forgotten wars.  No matter the war – be they on our emails, our food, the air, common sense, Islam or the Spanish Speakers…we’re never not at some mindfuckingly ignored war on something, someone else, or ourselves.

It’s like ‘a thing’ with us.

Democrats do it and the Teahadists do it too.

Profits are made for the few – schools are closed for the rest.
Why all the confusion?

The better choice out of two identical ones, is to a have a semi-decent third one.  Ralph Nader and his crazy warnings about banks, corporations and the Pentagon…were just too outrageous for some. So Reagan’s Cheese is what we get.

If the fake cheese don’t kill ya
Fukushima certainly will.

Ignoring Fukushima comes from not listening to Raffi.
What could be easier than listening to Raffi?

Raffi has a new, even sadder message…but I’m sure the Mariners will distract us from that.

Reagan’s Cheese says – thanks…’thanks a lot’.

Colin Powell had something to say about My Lai.  Colin Powell had something to say about Iraq.  Colin Powell says Mitt Romney is an idiot.  I think Colin Powell had his chance.

Ralph Nader tried to warn us,
Reagan’s Cheese says thanks.

With a trillion dollars needed to protect us from ourselves, you’d think we’d be a little leery of Reagan’s Cheese.

If Bush had imprisoned a Bradley Manning…Rep. Conyers would have been forced to impeach.  Instead, we get what we had here last week…which tastes just like the same old Reagan’s Cheese.

Raffi and Ralph tried to warn us,
Reagan’s Cheese thanks you for your continued support.

It’s all so complicated!  Wolf Blitzer tells me this, Sarah Palin tells me that.  But it’s Al Roker who knows what’s up.

If you do thirty-four things today…make sure one of them includes reading the easiest to understand words ever written, about just one of our wars.  Those words are linked right here.

If we use the reading comprehension Reagan’s Cheese gave us,
we’ll have plenty of time to mourn the loss of Dog the Bounty Hunter.
Which in my book – says an awful lot.

I don’t know which war profiteering agenda is scarier, but if history teaches us anything – it’s that Raffi’s agenda, will be looked upon as more frightening than everything Reagan’s Cheese has wrought…

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