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The Bully and the Pauper

April 13, 2012

North Korea just successfully launched a rocket made from balsa wood, plastic wrap and sticky rice water.  And still the Pentagon needs trillions of our dollars to defend us from the…extremely fragile, while plastic wrapped-balsa wood rocket.

Fear Leon Panetta—not the sticky rice water.

Having just driven by one of the most heavily concentrated nuclear weapons storage areas on the planet, I remembered that no one remembers the five “90 year-old” Catholics who were able to break into Bangor…just to pray that a couple of us might awaken from our collective insanity.

Fear the “90 year-old” Catholics with wire cutters—not the North Koreans.

The NK balsa wood rocket held together with sticky rice water and plastic wrap…paid more taxes than Bank of America, Boeing, GE, Mattel and Verizon…combined.  And still Obama blows up the brown-skinned children who live near oil.

Fear—not the North Koreans.

The trouble with Fukushima radiation, is the same as the trouble with San Onofre’s radiation…in that we fear the sticky rice water rocket of North Korea…not GE’s reactors.

Fear the criminal subprime lenders—not gay sex.

We’re fighting wars on plants that make humans mellow and hungry…while the doctors that you can’t afford pimp you out to
the Prozac maker.

Fear the Prozac and antibiotics in your chicken—not the stoners.

The never-ending wars on the 3 guys in Rep. Norm Dicks’ al Qaeda…goes well for Lockheed Martin.   The wars against whistle blowers, Spanish speakers and your Bill of Rights…goes about as well as British Petroleum and Massey Energy tells you it does.

Fear the Navy’s new $8 billion dollar warships to fight North Korea’s sticky rice water rockets—not Ralph Nader.

When we threaten Russia and China with invasion, occupation and Democracy – the way we do the paupers of the world…you’ll know that a member just figured out that Guantanamo is a problem for us.

Now…relax and watch.

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