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Captain Obvious

March 28, 2012

Today I awoke with a prophecy.  This prophecy told me that soon, very soon, a cup of coffee and a piece of toast would appear.  And this prophecy did come to pass.

Events like these are hard to describe to the uninitiated, but suffice to say, they usually start off with the belief that you’re going to bed with Winona Ryder as the prophet…only to awaken with Mel Gibson in
the morning.

Some false prophets are just assholes that way.

Which begs the question: How long will it be until Obama takes our guns away – just like Clinton did, before we realize that the wars for Bechtel, Boeing and the private prison industry…could have been avoided if only Condi had listened to Richard Clarke?

Since common sense in the Homeland died long before peak oil arrived…do not look for reality to strike anytime soon.  Besides, reality’s union was busted by Clinton to make way for mind-numbing stupidity – that has not left us since.

For more, see my date with the false prophet who I thought
was Winona.

For even less, take a peek at what you think Al Roker might know about Fukushima.  Then ponder the fake rainwater at Hanford, as it drips upon the workers who’d rather not be there.  Perhaps at this juncture, pointing out that all is not well at San Onofre’s plant of magical power that is clean…would be as helpful as reminding us that the last 10 years of wars and bailouts, could have paid for healthcare, jobs and education for about 193 years.

As our planet screams in pain upon deaf human ears, be forewarned that Mel Gibson will strike again.

Beware!  Beware the vegans who drink Frappuccino’s at Starbucks
for there’s bug meat in the mix
which means there are vegans at Starbucks.

I swore to who at one time, I thought was Winona – that we should have just listened to Rush…

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