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Clinton Giveth to Death

March 22, 2012

Normally, back-handed women’s rights are dished out in the form of forced transvaginal ultrasounds by the Idaho State Legislature.  For today’s back-handed pledge for women’s rights, we turn to Hillary Clinton and her vow for no Afghan peace, if the Taliban roll back Afghan women’s rights to say…Idaho levels.

After about 10 years of killing thousands of women, children (and maybe 4 CIA trained al Qaeda guys) in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and Pakistan…isn’t it well past the time that we outlaw fracking in most sectors of the Homeland?

As you may have guessed, I’m no water poisoning specialist, but adding ammonia, arsenic, chloromethane, iron, manganese, t-butyl alcohol, and toluene to the drinking water of the Homeland’s women…cannot be deemed a good thing for women’s rights here, there, or even in Saudi Arabia.

When Madeleine Albright and Bill were killing anywhere from 11 to a half a million women and children in Iraq…Hillary did not opine for them.

When Hillary tugs at the wallets of the Democratic Party donors with stories of Taliban horror…she never mentions Rep. Norm Dicks.  History sure is a funny thing, as long as you don’t let Wolf Blitzer teach you about it.

When Hillary pretends to care about women in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, I often wonder if she’s ever walked through an apple orchard in Wenatchee…as it is being fumigated with healthful cancer giving spray, because the women and children of the Homeland demand it.

Has Hillary ever dug a hole at Hanford, to bathe in the poisoned waters that flow by many a Patriot Acted woman?  Maybe Hillary has enjoyed a strawberry at a public school…just before the 7th grade girls enjoy their main course of mysterious industrial meat?

Hillary was concerned for the women of Libya.  So we killed them.

Hillary was also concerned for the women of Palestine and Iran.  So we ignored Israel’s nuclear thefts.

Hillary cares so much about women’s rights, that you won’t hear much about the epidemic of rape that’s been going on in our military…since we’ve had one.

I’m not sure which women have it worse – the women Hillary cares about as we kill them for Boeing, or the ones here in the Homeland, trying to survive the gauntlet of all those links of freedom that you should have clicked on…up above.

It’s all enough to make a conservative newspaper call for an end to the war crimes against Afghanistan.

The call for an end to the bi-partisan wars on the women of the Homeland?  Please do hold your breath, but don’t eat the food, drink the water or watch any teevee.

Hillary could at least watch Miss Representation again, but in the meantime, to get her attention…perhaps the Patriot Acted women of the Homeland should consider a move to VietAfghanistan?

So much misery, cancer and death.  I’d hate to see the women Hillary doesn’t care about.

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