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Outrage of Glass

February 20, 2012

Obama Lied and Puppies do Play

An email from the outraged Nancy Pelosi has reached my inbox.  Her email of pretend indignation, after having traveled through the moral filters of the DNC’s  ‘internet machinations of confabulations’, has left George W. Bush still not serving out his life sentence at Obama’s Detention Facility at Parwan.

The blood soaked irony is lost upon Ed Schultz, though ESPN’s sports writers are having a tough time with this century.

Nancy wants me to be outraged – OUTRAGED!, at those who fear a woman’s uterus…from within the Teabanger’s closet of flaccid Koch strokers.

What part of this brutally murdered message, due to my Indiana Public ‘School’ grammarin’ Nancy isn’t getting…is your answer to why Jamie Dimon is not currently sharing floorspace with George W. Bush, at any of President Obama’s Camp Nama’s.

And that’s what Rep. John Conyers said.

For more on all of this, keep an eye on ESPN’s coverage of all things Jeremy Lin, duck and cover if you’re reading this in Northern Mexico…or Yemen, and stay tuned for stem cell beef!

What in Santorum’s Frothy Deity could possibly go wrong?

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