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IranGarden and Reagan’s Fist

February 17, 2012

Many humans who inhabit the Homeland, believe that Saddam was planning to wipe them off a map they’ve never looked at.  So we invaded Afghanistan instead.

Loads of humans who watch the teevee in the Homeland, believe that Casey Anthony is a vile creature, who murdered her child and got away with it.  So we invaded Yemen, Libya, Mexico and Pakistan…and won in Iraq.  Again.

Many of those same teevee watching humans of the Homeland, believe that President Obama is a Hawaiian Muslim, who was born in Africa, yet manages to govern the world with the liberal fist of Reagan’s irony.

Thanks to media stenographers like Erin Burnett, many of the Patriot Acted humans of the Homeland when not fearing sex, geography, healthy food, or people with a skin tone other than none…spend next to no time wondering why Iran is just fine with Rick Steves.

Artis the Spoonman knows

It’s why Rick Steves is not ok with us…that should concern us.

President Obama’s ruling of the planet with the liberal fist of Reagan’s irony, is lost on those of us who watch Erin Burnett.  It’s kind of like getting your who we should attack next news from Dan Savage.

Ironic?  I think Erin Burnett would agree.  Because Iran sure seems scary, when news is filtered through Erin’s wargasm.

Erin and possibly Dan, would have us believe that Iran is enemy #12 or so.  Why?  Because Iran hates al Qaeda, they fought against Saddam, and they’re also not making “the bomb”.  Seems perfectly logical.  If you get your information from Erin…or possibly Dan.

Rick Steves may or may not be your enemy…but at least in Seattle, we have Chris Cornell calling bigoted assholes in suits what they are!  Which means, for those of you reading this from anywhere near Skagit County…many bigoted assholes in suits fly with Alaska Air, and also listen to Mumford & Sons.

Chris Cornell doing a good deed for a citizen in the Alaska Airlines lounge, sure makes us feel good.  That is, until you read that he was on his way to a fundraiser…for he who rules the world with the liberal fist of Reagan’s irony…

We must try harder to live.

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