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Sea Star Deniers and Internment Camps

February 15, 2012

Standing in a puddle of Fukushima’d rain water
I glanced up to watch more nuclear weapons sail by…
than Iran will ever get to buy from Diane Sawyer’s employer.

Which makes sense, when you factor in that President Bush’s economic policy is never mentioned anywhere near Newt’s Frothy Romney.

While President Obama’s economic policy never stood a chance against Dick Cheney’s Bush – Iraq, Vietghanistan and Iran, like the DailyKos, are unable to differentiate between the two.

This is why science must die.

It’s also why we must not forget the Japanese Internment Camps, Saudi Arabia’s 9/11, the Holocaust, the Alamo, or the amazing rising star that is Jeremy Lin.  For if we do…Obama’s Internment Camps for the Spanish Speakers, the marijuana smokers and the “lesser classes“, are so much harder to explain.

Which is why we’ve won 5 or 6 times in Iraq.

Like the Corrections Corporation of America knows, you can baffle us with elections, or you can frighten us with condoms, but you sure as hell can’t ruin this planet by shitting where you sleep.

Which is why Bank of America isn’t in Guantanamo…and houses cost less than cars.

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