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SOPA de Ponzi – Patriot

January 19, 2012

Soup is nice on a plate – but it’s far better in a bowl.

In the Homeland our soup is served up on plates.
We then eat the soup with forks, because bleeped F-bombs on the teevee…are at least as scary as the Army Anthrax Attacks.

Our soup-filled plates are provided to us by our Constitution, which is interpreted by our K Street Congress…as the document by which the forks can be dispersed amongst us.

To ensure that we the people have a tough time getting a spoon – to better eat the soup from our plates…God did create Wolf Blitzer.

Wolf tells us what we need to know about K Street owned politicians, Iran and from where we can find cheaper forks.

After Wolf – the plates become paper – the forks become straws.  Straws with more than two holes.

Some of us are sick of eating our soup from a plate.  Forks are for stabbing at meat – they’re not for forking at air.

This is why we were given Ronald Reagan.  Ronnie was the new Nixon, while Nixon was more alert than George W. Bush.  Dubya was the demon seed of his idiot father, who both it turns out…wanted to be like Clinton.  President Obama is no Bill Clinton…but he does play a mean
Ronald Reagan.

When too many of us ask: “how it is that we have trillions for never-ending Boeing wars, Wall Street and the Czar Petraeus” – “but none for education, health care, jobs and sewage treatment plants?” – They do create the Patriot Acts.

When too many of us tire of eating soup from paper plates…they will create Vietghanistan, Iran and then outlaw the plates.

When we tire of the forks, the hole filled straws and Wolf Blitzer’s stenography…they do create Obama’s NDAA, the SOPA, and then imprison you for smoking the “dopa”.

Spoons and bowls – are for those who don’t even like our soup.

Take their spoons.  Steal their bowls.
Ignore the Blitzer.

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