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Intellectualizing the Snowgasm

January 17, 2012

First they ignore you.
Then they came for the marijuana smokers
and I didn’t speak out because I was a drinker.

Then they laugh at you.
Soon after, they came for the Spanish Speakers
and I didn’t speak out because we’d already come for the Japanese.

Then they fight you.
And then they came for the Occupiers, the Democrats and the Republicans. I didn’t speak out because I was unemployed, uneducated and something happened just before
the Army Anthrax Attacks.

Then they spied on everyone, expanded the never-ending wars on everything and our food too.
I didn’t speak out
because Obama…
was a…

Then they came for me, but it was too late…because we’d been co-opted long before we even knew what being co-opted was.
And besides, the media was pretty concerned about the snow.
But not much else.

And then we won.
And I’ll be damned if it didn’t snow.

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