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Freedom of Your Meat

December 26, 2011


If the FDA doesn’t care about Obama’s droned children of Yemen, then you can bet that the FDA probably isn’t too concerned with the freedom of your meat.

The tainted meat supply of the Homeland accounts for ‘nearly most of’ our inability to think beyond the end of our dicks.  The rest of our inability to think critically can be blamed upon Darwin, for I think he knew the way to a man’s heart…was through his crotch.

George Carlin told us this for decades – but we thought he was joking…

MRSA – or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, invaded our meat faster than Osama or Saddam ever dared think about.  This is because in reality, they weren’t really thinking about anything beyond the end of their CIA financed dicks.  You could ask Rep. Norm Dicks about this, but the end of his dick is deeply implanted within Boeing’s profit canal.   So why not grill a steak?

Meet your meat!  It’s loaded with myth, mire and MRSA…and as few of us know, an anti-biotic a day — keeps the health insurance at bay.

So keep it in your shorts, because it’s not the size of your meat that matters – it’s how Shell, Boeing and the media use your meat against you that counts.

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