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The Food Stamp Macchiato Wars

December 4, 2011

The food stamp macchiato wars are in full swing in places like Salem, Oregon…which allows us to ignore the somewhat serious issues like Army Anthrax Attacks and 7 trillion dollar Grifts for billionaires.

How dare a human in a Oregon Safeway buy a calorie rich beverage with food stamps!  Why aren’t these freeloading terrorists flying God’s drones and blowing up the terrorist children who dwell in all those – terroristy places that surround the glorious Homeland?

Like Portland!

It’s really, really really, really pathetic how easily we can be distracted.

Hey hows that?  Howie Mandel has yet another show on the teevee!?  Fabulous.

In rural Oregon, the middle class is rapidly dying out.  The middle class in rural Oregon are not dying out due to illegal Spanish speakers, or the food stamp macchiato swindlers…it’s the 7 trillion-dollar grifts…peoples.  It’s also the Army Anthrax Attacks, Bank of America’s crimes, the endless wars for Boeing and Howie Mandel.

Blaming humans who carry food stamps, the Spanish speakers, liberals and Teahadists, is much easier than say…giving oxygen a fighting chance to make it the short distance to our brains.  See Prineville, Oregon for more.

There are at least 30 signs that we the Patriot Acted are either being groomed to serve as pets, or – what’s left of the available oxygen, just isn’t making that short journey from right in front of our noses…to our brains.

You could ask some Canadians what they think about all of this…but they’ve now got a Department of Homeland Security problem of
their own.

See the food stamp carrying coffee buyers for more.

Do not go looking for answers, just be thankful for what genocide brought you before, and brings to us now.

As Perry Farrell once sang, “children are innocent, teenagers fucked up in the head, adults are even more fucked up and elderlies are like children

Like I said, we’ve got an oxygen to our brains problem…and we probably will make great pets.  Maybe.
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