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Divided We Stay

October 23, 2011

When former CIA operatives resign from the agency because of torture, renditions and crimes so disgusting – that they’re legal…one would think said former CIA operatives would move on to become bus drivers, or maybe even attendants at Goodwill donation sites.

Glenn Carle is one of “hundreds” of former CIA operatives who’ve hinted at CIA evildoing – resigned – lived to tell about it – then went on to work for Blackwater.

From TruthOut we find that:  “Carle, who retired from the CIA in 2007, refuses to endorse an investigation and/or prosecution of key Bush administration and CIA officials who he said they were responsible for violating numerous laws in the name of national security, claiming it would “divide” the country.

You know, it’s probably just me, but when truth-telling former CIA operatives who went on to work for Blackwater, find a conscience, a book deal and believe that prosecuting the torturing CIA evildoers and their political allies – might somehow divide us?  I’m left thinking that the Homeland needs a million more Bradley Manning’s – and several hundred fewer Glenn Carle’s.

Yeah, it’s probably just me.

Back in 1991 or so, Seattle and Olympia were occupied with a bunch of younger versions of yours truly.

The Storm in Iraq had just wrapped up.
Life was good and Kuwaiti incubator baby free.

Searching for answers with our good eye closed
seemed like fun in that moment.

Perhaps we should have opened that good eye.

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