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Faint Praise

October 2, 2011

Word has it that CNN will be “looking into” the Army Anthrax Attacks against the Democrats, the Post Office and your freedom.

I think someones been reading Sibel Edmonds blog again…

Which is probably a better thing – than buying anything – that the ex-con Martha Stewart is selling.

For today your Sunday, which is really just the day before Monday, that falls the day after Saturday, I give you – faint praise.

If you thought Malia and Sasha Obama were confused about dad’s ongoing Bush Wars for Boeing before…the faint praise from Dick Cheney today, should really piss off Michelle tomorrow.

Old tricky Dick has nothing but praise for Obama’s continuation of the Bush War Crimes, along with the assassinations for God, country and David Petraeus. Tricky Dick’s faint praise does come with a caveat attached.  His daughter – and he’d also like an apology.

Because torture, Patriot Acts and Guantanamo were once a bad Martha Stewart thing…before they were a continuing good Martha Stewart thing.  For Obama.

If you follow my drift.
If ya know what I’m saying.
If you know what I mean.

We can see with our own eyes
and hear with our own ears.
God isn’t reading your email
Some dick in Virgina is.

Happy day after Saturday!
But don’t breathe in the air for
it’s covered in Fukushima.

Happy day before Monday!
Don’t feed the homeless
and when portraying yourself as Mandela
try leaving out the Merrill Lynch.

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