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How About a Freedom from Canadians Fence!

September 29, 2011

When too many of us FEMA Camp Fodder start figuring “things” out, those who still have a retirement and a health care plan at Homeland Security…start getting nervous.

This is why we still have the Patriot Act.

This is also why the shallow end of the gene pool still believes that Rep. Norm Dicks – is a liberal Democrat.

Think shallow end of the gene pool.
Then think Patriot Act.
Or just think.

While millions of us shout at each other via Twitter and Facebook about God, football, gay sex and the illegal humans who come here with your marijuana…Canada is still wide open.

Yes Canada.

The Great White North of terror.
The harbingers of doom, Celine Dion and Red Green.

Homeland Security, via their whore in Rep. Dennis Rehberg, want to open up National Parks and other wilderness areas to the brain trusts that ‘bought you’ Project 28…along with 100 billion other illusions of grandeur per year.

Yes.  Fence Canada off.  I hear it’s right next door to AfPakistan!

A few more of us could have joined in when we were trying to impeach Bush.  But you know how it goes…the Democrats take control of Congress, then we elect a liberal Kenyan-Hawaiian? and bam!!  Never ending Liberal Drone Wars and a Wall Street Jihad for all!

There are some Longshoremen trying to tell you
in Longview, Washington.

There are some people in Port Angeles, Washington who are also
trying to tell us something.

There are some people in NY on Wall Street, in Boston, Chicago and L.A. who are trying to tell us something.

Freedom Fries weren’t free and neither were the Army Anthrax Attacks.

It was all self chosen.

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