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Just Like the X Factor

September 22, 2011

Just like The X Factor…we’ve seen this shit before.

Well, not all of us.  I skipped the X Factor, and was hoping and waiting and watching – for a Corporate Supreme Court stay…that could have stayed what we knew was going to happen anyway.

Like Iraq before Libya, and Afghanistan before Iraq, which was before Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen, but not Mexico, Mississippi – Chile, Central America or Pine Ridge…we’ve been killing brown and black-skinned humans for more than few decades now.

My poor white-trash brothers and sisters?  Sometimes they kill us too.  For if our blue tarps, pledge of allegiances and the Army Anthrax Attacks don’t keep us in line…there’s always closing our shitty schools, Pot SWAT Teams and CIA criminals named Alfreda Frances Bikowsky – to ensure that we do indeed eat our sugar.

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