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Rumsfeld’s Feet

August 31, 2011

I’d be no better than Matt Lauer or Emily Miller if I did not report to you…that yet another severed foot in a shoe – has washed ashore on one of the Salish Sea’s many beaches.

Go here for more on the foot.

If I were more like Matt Lauer, I suppose I too would sit across from the pathetic old war criminal, and ask pertinent questions about Cheney’s incontinent inconsistencies.

If I were more like Emily Miller, I’d be sailing the Salish Sea to Alaska with Grover Norquist and Donald Rumsfeld.

Upon my arrival to the great confused state, I’d not only not ask Palin why she’s quit again, I’m certain that I’d also ignore the appearance of yet another severed foot…and not tie it in with the convenient fact that Rumsfeld, Norquist and the ‘floating boat of footless CPAC miscreants‘, had indeed just sailed by said found and severed foot.

Fortunately for us, I’m a bit more like Willard Scott’s 4th retarded cousin removed — in that I do love me some jelly, I tolerate old people birthdays and I sometimes recall old videos that I saw on my UHF equipped b/w teevee…from somewhere in the neighborhood of
about 1983.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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