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Dicks Think With Their Other Head

August 29, 2011

Dicks come in all sizes.

Some are tall, some are small and some “could be” enjoyed by
Rick Santorum.

Other dicks fear red-light camera profit and the potential loss of their red-light civil liberties!!  The big government Patriot Act and the free wars of Vietafpak-iraqiraneeeyemenistan are all good…as long as they’re being dicked by a Bush, a Reagan or a fancy Hoover G-spot man?

CNN! Boeing! The Grand Coulee Dam!
Water runs over it. Water runs through it.
Salmon ceased to exist there.

Hanford. The Colville’s.
Manhattan Project. The Spokane’s

Japan and Fukushima. 
You can see a casino from there.

Some dicks are fixed, some dicks turn tricks and some Dicks
do it to their constituents.

A wise closeted lobbyist once said: “A dick in the hand is better than two in the Bush.”

The moral of our foible should be deeper than it is.  But it’s not.  It ain’t and never has been.

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