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Still Bending for the Soap

August 26, 2011

Wars, war crimes and bailouts for billionaires help create the couch bound patriots of the Homeland, who will later buy the books of the
crooks — who created the crimes — to sell the books.

Some call it empire, I call it marketing.

If you’ve ever witnessed Matt Lauer, Andrea Mitchell or God forbid Diane Sawyer confronting one of our book selling war criminals, about you know, their war crimes…then you’re probably named James O’ Keefe, and you fear ACORN’s, voting humans with a skin color other than your own…aaaannnnd you’re reading this from mommy and daddy’s super cool garage.

For the rest of us…we’ll just have to wait for Obama’s next book entitled:  “I Kill Children for My Children So Many of You Can Eat at Hooters.”

Which reminds me…Happy Women’s Equality Day ladies!!

Mein Kampf didn’t lead to the closure of Obama’s Guantanamo.

Richard Clarke says 9/11?  Who? Who knew?

Norm Dicks is a Democrat…he allowed for the Patriot Act, which became Cheney’s Bagram act of GITMO, Abu Ghraib and G-Tenet’s Yellowcake-Plame.  That’s who.

In My Time” — Ben Bernanke — Trillions! — Billions! —  Federal Reserve! Take millions of prisoners — Detroit — GM Bailout, no regrets.

No Higher Honor” — Condoleezza! — Equality? War profit? You bet!

Known and Unknown” — The unknown has always been known, but for your safety and mine, please remember that your email, marijuana and fruit pickers can get you at least nine.

“Decision Points” — It’s too stupid to link to, so here, why not read mine?

The TSA will soon be boarding Amtrak.

Janet Napolitano feat Alex Trebek.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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