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Spare Change

August 4, 2011

Change is relative.

When Cindy Sheehan put Crawford, Texas on the map, Karl Rove took credit for it.  When Obama killed bin Laden, Bush wept at the fetus shrine to his mother’s insanity.  When the war ended in Iraq, the DOJ took no action against the CIA, who in turn asked the DEA to sell weapons to Mexico…because the NSA is concerned about the upcoming deathbed confessions of Rumsfeld and Cheney.

Ralph Nader didn’t invent Al Gore’s locked box of milk toast complicity —   Karl Rove did.  John Kerry’s Swift Boating didn’t invent Ohio — Karl Rove did.  Change didn’t occur because Pelosi protected Bush from prosecution, change was traded for increased blog traffic to the Daily KOS and

Change is not only relative, it’s also related to Erik Prince.

If only a tiny Democrat had tried to warn us.

If you watch only two videos today, may I suggest Weird Al’s “I Perform This Way” and the Kucinich video, which I’ve conveniently made available for your perusal…just below.

It’s like he’s some sort of clairvoyant.

Or a witch!

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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