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When Beavis Met Reality

July 26, 2011

Reality for Beavis used to consist of watching videos, snacking and kicking his friend in the nuts.  Being that the Homeland is largely made up of snacking nut kickers…it should come as no surprise that peak stupid has already peaked, and has been replaced by the downward spiral of Kenny Chesney’s denials.

Reality can be a cold splash of water in ones face.  Reality can also appear in the form of a fully grown white man in a diaper, being spanked for his icky feelings about mom.   See most any Congressman.

Whichever reality we choose, the debt ceiling theater is still just a diversion from the war crimes, the Wall Street and the very, very, veryvery expensive wars against the planet, Islam, your email and maybe Iran.

The wars on Pakistan, Mexico, Yemen, Somalia, Vietghanistan, Libya, Iraq, healthy food, education, socialist-like mail delivery, marijuana, sewage treatment plants and libraries…are what those in “the business” like to call: ‘isn’t this somehow much worse than Clinton’s penis?

If Minnesota can take a few minutes per decade to stop snacking and kicking their friends in the nuts…just long enough to ponder the expense of never-ending war, why can’t a few more of us just walk into Congress and shut the whole retarded thing down?

The answer?  Gas costs too much and snacking while kicking your buddy in the nuts…is pretty much the only thing God invented us for.

*Glenn Greenwald-like update*, better watch the truthiness in the video quickly…before Viacom attacks us with Anthrax or something.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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