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Hashtagging Anarchy

July 24, 2011

So I hear from some of my good, good friends at the DNC…that #hashtagging your frustrations out upon the Twitter-verse, is now almost as effective as a threatened ILWU shutdown of the Homeland’s ports.  Because our drones are not being flown by longshoreman pilots?

How coincidentally convenient!

Not only do we not have to march on the Pentagon, Boeing or any other ‘fascist regimey stuff‘…now we can just hashtag our displeasure with said fascist regimey stuff on the internets, and call it a day!


It’s like standing at the backdoor to Heaven, pondering eternal peace, happiness and free cable…only to find out that Dan Savage did indeed hold the keys to the kingdom.

Anarchy abounds.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to tell my barista about that time I held a sign and marched around the block for peace, justice and cheaper gas.

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