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Please Help Feed the Zombies

July 14, 2011

Being the better Bush is not exactly like winning the Nobel Peace Prize.  But then again, it’s exactly like it…

When we translate my thoughts into English, we learn that America’s zombies are dying, again, due to the lack of readily available brains for their consumption.

Zombies are disappearing almost as fast as Marcus Bachmann’s erection does…anytime Michele is around.

Marcus Bachmann Survivor

Zombies are re-dying faster than George Nethercutt can remind Spokane…why it was they voted for term limits.  The first time.  More than once.

Zombies are as misunderstood as a liberal Democrat pondering Obama’s CIA torture prison in Somalia.

Zombies even support the troops as much as any little girl Ted Nugent has impregnated.

Zombies!  They were once people too…please help them by donating whats left of your brain to the: Feed the Zombies Before They Die Again Depository.  It’s a 501 c3 nonprofit and whats left of your brains really don’t give a shit anyway.

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