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Remember the 5th of July!

July 5, 2011

Or don’t.  It doesn’t really matter at this point.

On this, the day after your cousin lost three of his good fingers to freedom and tribal explosives…we as a nation are facing unprecedented attacks on our liberties!  Not counting the last 47 times or so that it’s happened!

Some here in the mighty Homeland, will evoke Guy Fawkes as the rallying cry to, you know, rally around.  Regrettably…the vast majority of us will only rally for the Family Guy.  You can see how we might confuse the two “Guys”, which is a whole nother’ post unto itself.

So do try to remember the 5th of July, but do forget about Fukushima.  It’s really much worse than you’d want to have to deal with.  It’s so bad, that at this point, Fukushima has eclipsed Chernobyl bad…and moved into the realm of Hanford bad. And as most you don’t know, that’s pretty bad.

Half-calf decaff of freedom please

Remember the 5th of July!  Or just go camping!

On this the 5th of July, there are some possible signs of life occurring in places like the Huffington Post.  Que surpresa!…for Dan Froomkin has realized, that not only are union journalists better lovers…but for the love of that Family Guy!…President Obama and Nancy Pelosi apparently have themselves a little torture problem?

Welcome to the lonely party Dan!

So keep in mind that corporations pay no taxes, because the Democrats allow it.  Keep in mind, that we’ve been at pretend war against 112 religious fanatics for a decade now…because Exxon Mobile needs to keep dumping its oil in Montana.

Remember…remember the 5th of July!  Or don’t.

I’m out and about with my cameras for a few…so do not be alarmed if we attack Iran and or the posting is light for a few.

Be Vigilant!  If you feel compelled.  Or not.

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  1. July 7, 2011 08:24

    I thought we were going to have independence from high gas prices for some reason. There was a rumor about releasing American oil…then there was a different kind of release of oil.

    On Independence Day I make copious amounts of fry bread…enough to soak up an oil spill in a river contained in stolen land.


    • July 7, 2011 15:15

      We’re going to require a bunch of fry bread TripodMA. The Gulf, the rivers, the Fukushima’s, the dying oceans, the wars on everything, the dying, the killing, the killing to death until it’s dead.

      My pessimism would be funnier if it hadn’t murdered my optimism.

      Thanks TripodMA, good to hear from you.


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