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Knock Knock

June 28, 2011

Who’s there?

Seattle Fusion Center.

Seattle Fusion Center who?


Seattle is just a tad bit over 100 miles from the evildoing border with Canada.  The Federal Army of former Taco Bell employees turned Border Patrol, are all in Forks, Washington.

This explains how the Seattle PD is able to kill deaf while first American wood carvers..who use crosswalks and carry wood carving knives, to you know, carve wood.  It does not explain how the Seattle PD was able to leave an AR-15 lying around, where any employee of the Stranger could have just walked off with it.

This does explain why the Army was spying on civilians in Olympia, but it does not explain the closing of Washington State’s tourism agency.  The Obama wars on Islam, Mexicans and Evergreen College kids…do however, explain much of it.

What Bush couldn’t pronounce if his morning Pop Tart depended on it…Jay Inslee will be able to sell as a new jobs, business and education saving program, that makes no mention of Obama’s expensive wars.

The Seattle Fusion Center’s inability to protect the public from the Seattle PD, or the former Taco Bell employees of the Border Patrol in Forks?  Ask Jay Inslee.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Interrupting fascism.

Interrupting fascis…knock knock.
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