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Abadi Abadi Abadi Aba…Learnin Is Are Is Tuff!

June 27, 2011

Education!  We can’t fund it, we don’t want it and besides…we learn ‘all we needs‘ to ‘nose‘ from Disney made humans like Britney and Miley.

Educated humans and Homelands do not a Homeland make.  So you get what we had here last week…which is the way we want it.
Well, we gets it!

Educating, healthcare and sometimes feeding people is expensive.  This is why we spend over 20 billion dollars per year to air condition the troops in Iraq and Vietghanistan.  The cost of air conditioning the troops in Yemen, Somalia, Mexico, Libya and Port Angeles was not disclosed…due to national security.  But we will search 95-year-old cancer patients in diapers and those 5-year-old children who are trapped at the airport for…terror!…within view of at least two Starbucks.

Prisons, endless war, pretend clean energy and genetically modified everything are where it’s at.

For the rest of us, there used to be Festivus…now we can only hope that the dams don’t breach – and pray that our own Fukushima’s only kill Homelandians to the east…and or down river from us.

I learned stuff in school.  How about Yoo?
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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