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War is Over If Yoo Wants it Too

June 22, 2011

As the President made it abundantly clear this evening, words have a way of saying one thing…while in super secret reality, those very same words are actually blowing up children in Pakistan and Yemen, because we are not at war with Libya.

Which puts me in the unenviable position of agreeing with Sarah Palin.  That being of course, that words suck and they should mean whatever the hell we think they mean…just like they do when we speak them in our mind voices and or out loud to the gathered “journalism professionals.”

I’m sure that is sporting major Boehner Weiner Norm Dicks wood over the President’s brave stance on peace.  However, since neither Boeing, John Yoo, or even Lockheed Martin have suddenly diversified into educating, feeding or God forbid actually helping humans

I guess compassion pays nowhere near as well as our old friend genocide does.

I think what Sarah, myself and most of tonight’s Obama teevee watchers probably missed, was that eerie moment, when the better Bush, became the better Nixon — promising to end the unpopular war and rebuild the Homeland…right before an election.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

The sun shines.  People forget.
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