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GE’s Fukushima Balloons

June 20, 2011

Just another friendly reminder to the lost minds of the Homeland…Japan is quite a long ways away!

Chances are slim, facts are few and I’m pretty sure that there’s just no way, any of the death inducing nastiness from GE’s, ‘melted reactors of Fukushima’…could ever reach us here in the Homeland.  Maybe even longer than never.

Like most Homelandians, I require proof of trouble before I make anything resembling a decision.  By the time proof of trouble has been certified for me by at least 7 corporate newspapers, 3 network teevee news pushers, a neighbor, a pastor and my world traveling, very well informed 32 year-old trustafarian barista…I no longer remember and or give a shit about what it was that I was possibly, not really that concerned about to begin with.

Besides, even if there were winds that blew from Japan to the Homeland, it’s not like Japan could send balloons with bombs attached to them…and drop them on us unsuspecting Homelandians, as we go about our very uncomplicated and war-free lives.

I mean come on.  Enough with the conspiracies, theories and lies.  Nuclear power is completely safe, foolproof and as wholesome as a Border Patrol agent in Port Angeles.  Because terrorist’s speak Spanish, not Pashto.  Which is lucky for us…because Border Patrol agents don’t speak Pashto either.

In summation…Mexico’s tall ship Cuauhtemoc floats, while Obama’s hope floats about as well as GE’s Fukushima balloons.

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