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Weiner Democracy

June 16, 2011

It’s a beautiful day in the Homeland.  The CIA is droning children to death in Yemen, Pakistan, Vietghanistan and Mexico.  The FBI is playing Farmland with you on Facebook and Obama’s Rumsfeldesque Libya for oil is still going strong, because John Yoo says any president can do whatever the fuck it is Boeing tells him to.

Homeland Security will not protect you from Fukushima, because they’re just not that into you or your laws.

The DEA makes sure that Mexico has plenty of our weapons, because illegal oatmeal doesn’t make enough money.

We create enemies faster than Lockheed Martin can kill them.  This is why the Koch brothers invented Erik Prince and internet porn, so that some day, Erik can take it all away.

There are plenty of jobs at McDonald’s, Raytheon and the TSA.

The Democrats could be liberal war stoppers and righteous education protectors…any time they feel like it.  But they’re really not that into you…or your laws.

Some day when the internets are gone, our history books will be printed on the plastic remains of Kindles and iPhones.  And it’s on those plastic remnants of our history, where our angry decedents will learn…that while the world burned, Anthony Weiner’s dick cast a bigger shadow on the Homeland, than anything Nixon ever got away with.

There’ll be no shelter here.

Be a tad bit more Vigilant.
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