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Little Beirut and the Death Boehner Apples

June 14, 2011

Little Beirut may yet survive the selling of Stumptown Coffee, I just hope they rebuild quicker than the Blazers did when Clyde left.

And right on cue, as if by magic and or magic mushrooms…Portland Indy Media has told us that something may be stirring in good ol’ PDX Town. The good news is, it appears that marching in parades with correctly spelled signs of pretend protest, while ensuring all parade permits have been applied for/received…may not be on the agenda!

The bad news is, the Green Party and read Portland Indy Media too.

Don’t forget PDX Uprising…beware of really excited “activists”, pushing you to blow up stuff anywhere near Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Contact Mohamed Mohamud and or Carla Axtman at Blue Oregon for more…

Free Take One!

I don’t know about Little Beirut, but when I think about and the progressive Democrats who were against the Bush wars, before they weren’t against the Obama wars…I tend to think about John Boehner and poisoned apples.

So I guess the Boehner has implied that Obama has some ‘splainin’ to do over Libya?  But not Iraq, Vietghanistan, Yemen, Mexico the FBI, our pretend Constitution and how it is that Karl Rove and Bush are still free to walk amongst us?

Circle the A and call me a reformed Big Mac eater…but I think ol Johnny and his Boehner, may not want to be poking around in Obama’s ‘box’ of war crimes…without wearing some sort of protection.

Remember Portland, don’t eat any Washington apples or swim in the Columbia River…for the apples have been soaking in pesticides and were grown with the frightening waters of Hanford, while everything else has been breathing in GE’s winds of Fukushima.

So um, well, fuck it.  Nevermind!

Be a tad bit more Vigilant.
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