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May 29, 2011

WWBBWD?  Or as they say at the C Street SW, Holiday Inn in DC: ‘What Would Breitbart’s Boehner Weiner Do?’

I’m not sure I really want to hazard a guess about what it is Breitbart’s Boehner Weiner might actually do…but I bet it would involve yet more penis, along with video, mayonnaise and Senator David Vitter.

If you really want to tie all of this together, try going here first.

As if the endless wars on the world along with marijuana, education, employment and the scary anarchists weren’t enough to keep you watching Dr. Oz and his gentle reminders that yes, we’re as stupid as Dr. Phil says we are…well then maybe Andrew Breitbart and his love of the penis will distract you long enough to vote for Obama.  Again.  Because you’re still mad at Ralph Nader and the killing of 12 Afghan children and two women by NATO…doesn’t piss us off as much as 4 way intersections with stop signs.

Fuck those stop signs and their Godless rules of Socialist Fascism that can only lead to liberal Marxist Anarchy by ACORN!!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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