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War Crimes and Idols

May 26, 2011

When I read the headline that a war criminal had been arrested…  I knew better, but just for a moment, I had the visual of George W. being hauled off the stage by the Border Patrol at one of his high paying, babblin engagements of idiocy.

In some circles, they call those speaking gigs.  I call it treason.

For just a split second more…I also envisioned Karl Rove, Condi, Obama, Cheney, Alberto along with Generals’ McChrystal, Petraeus and Powell: all being arrested for colluding with the enemy of our great nation…the Brothers Koch.

Photographers and their visions.

Perhaps if we were to hire the Serbian security forces, bring them to the Homeland and have them do what the DOJ and the FBI will not?  I bet we’d get them for far less than Blackwater.  Oh shit never mind…Blackwater is part of the Serbian security force.

There will be arguments on all sides, but this is how we do things.  Argue, threaten to act and then go home and eat.

Republicans will argue: that Bush only did what he could with the information he had at the time.  I think that pretty much proves he’s a babbling idiot…but maybe the insane defense will work in his favor?

Democrats will argue: that Obama can only do so much with the information, wars, torture and bailouts that he was given.  How can we expect him to not be the better Bush?  Point very well taken.  Twitter will reward you with 689 followers and the brown-skinned humans
will still die.

According to Normon Solomon, peace doesn’t pay Boeing, yet it is spoken here like gospel. 

Peace gospel.  It’s no wonder the evildoers hate us for our freedoms and not our policies of death and profit.

Fukushima is worse than Al Roker will ever divulge, yet we want to build plutonium pits in New Mexico and extend the Patriot Acts, because the Obama girls think peace is for them, not you.

The Homeland is filled with crime.  We hate liberals, conservatives, Teabagger racists…Mexicans and anyone else with a deeper shade of soul and or skin color than ourselves.

Muslims?  Fugetabouit.

The answer my friends, is not blowing in the wind.  Most times the wind will just give us cancer.  No, the answer is within.

The answer will come we can not name who just won American Idol.  Answers will flow, when we can send our children to fully funded schools, where we know each of their teachers by name.  Answers will occur, when sending our children to war for Lockheed Martin no longer seems like a good idea. God won’t answer your questions, you have to.  Bush won’t answer any questions until Obama does.

Which all leads to the question…do you know what the business-records provision is that resides within the glorious Patriot Act?

Write Rep. John Conyers and ask him about impeachment, high crimes, misdemeanors and spineless balls.  He’ll get back to you sometime after he’s dead.

Peace and may all of our ‘mistakes’ be paid for by Erik Prince.
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